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Another One In The Books: West Elm Palo Alto Pop-Up

Written by Gizem Uzun


Posted on July 25 2019

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We love the idea of West Elm supporting small businesses, allowing them to feature their products at West Elm’s selected locations with “Pop Up” events, and meet amazing people who are passionate about local business and organic products.

As a small business based in Boston, providing ethically manufactured, organic cotton home goods and textile, Peshtemal Collection always has the best time at West Elm Pop-Ups. 

We’ve done numerous pop-up events at West Elm Boston, met amazing people who are interested in buying local, supporting small businesses, and cautious about purchasing ethically manufactured, 100% organic cotton products. When we showcase our products at pop-ups, we do not only sell peshtemals but exchange amazing amount of valuable information on sustainable living, talk about the benefits of using organic cotton, the specialty of Turkish textile and the 600 years of weaving techniques from the Turkish craftsmanship. 

Earlier last weekend, on July 21-22nd, we had another great pop-up at West Elm Palo Alto, and introduced Peshtemal Collection to West Coast, as we expand our business. 

From the friendliest and most professional staff to amazing people who visit the store, we had nothing but blast making new friends while talking about Peshtemal Collection, allowing our clients to feel and touch how soft the peshtemals are, the health benefits of using organic cotton, amazing facts of living sustainable, and of course the story of us, and the 600 years of weaving techniques in Turkey. 

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When we found Peshtemal Collection, we put our personal experiences, our mission, and vision to our business and blend it with the existing beauty of our products; organic cotton and work of art. As girls who grew up in Turkey, we have this amazing habit of shopping local and supporting local businesses. Years later, we simply react on the same support and love we get for the Peshtemal Collection and enjoy seeing our clients sharing the same mission, and feeling amazing when they purchase something that has no harm to the environment nor to people. 

This is why we always have the best time showcasing our products to like-minded people who are passionate about handmade products, supporting local artisans, choosing organic cotton over nylon, understanding sustainable fashion and of course interested in hearing our story, as we enjoy telling it!

We will be doing many pop-ups at different locations of West Elm in California and will be announcing them on our Events page, social media and weekly emails. Stay tuned for the upcoming events! 



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