About Us

Peshtemal Collection was founded in 2018 by Aslihan from Turkey now living in Boston for the past 10 years.

She loves outdoors, practicing Yoga, going to festivals, and traveling overseas. During her on-the-go lifestyle, she noticed something was missing: a multifunctional towel that was lightweight, highly absorbent, and stylish for the modern-day traveler. 

During her travel to Turkey, she discovered Peshtemal, traditional handwoven towels that captured exactly what she was looking for. Each Peshtemal towel is made of 100% authentic Turkish cotton, a lightweight, absorbent, and eco-friendly material that is perfect for everyday use. Peshtemals have a multitude of functions: for a Yoga class, as a picnic blanket for outdoor festivities, camping and as a home decoration throw, or even as an accessory scarf to your everyday outfit! She is very excited to bring and share the Turkish experience that is Peshtemal. Where will you take your Peshtemal next?

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