About Us


Peshtemal Collection is a joint company of us sisters, Aslihan and Gizem who moved to the United States in 2006 from Istanbul to get our higher educations. 

While working and studying at Northeastern University, we have gained a strong interest in women entrepreneurship, attended numerous seminars and workshops that empower women in our society, and traveled all around the country. 

Meanwhile, we visited our family and friends in Turkey once a year and brought Turkish peshtemals as gifts to our favorites in Boston. As our friends fell in love with the colors and the unique patterns of peshtemals, as well as the story behind, we decided to establish Peshtemal Collection to provide these unique pieces to everyone. 

We are very passionate about our environment, traveling, outdoors and sports while using sustainable and ethically manufactured products as they're the core ingredients of Peshtemal Collection. 

Today Peshtemal Collection has opened numerous pop-ups in Boston, Rhode Island, and California, and been featured at Massachuset's best small business organizations; SOWA, ICA, West Elm, and Boston Women's Market.  



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