Peshtemal Collection: All You Need To Know About These Hand-Made Work of Art

Peshtemal Collection: All You Need To Know About These Hand-Made Work of Art

We’ve been providing these beautiful Peshtemal Collection towels to our loving clients, friends, and family over a year and receiving lots of valuable questions at our online store, the markets, and pop-up events on how to use these peshtemals. Most people ask “What are these?”, “What do you mean by multi-functional?”, “Aren’t they so thin for a towel?” , “Do they really absorb the water?, “They’re just so adorable to use as a towel, can I use it for home decoration?” and many more great questions. As we believe in the value of these questions, we decided to answer them all in this article. Let’s get started!

Did you know peshtemals were originally designed to help individual bathers maintain their privacy? Dating back hundreds of years, these peshtemals are now being used for a variety of purposes.  

First thing first, peshtemals are made of 100% organic Turkish cotton produced in ethically operated looms in Turkey. As Peshtemal Collection we believe that every time you make a purchasing decision, you’re also making a production decision, therefore replacing towels and home goods for organic is a great thing. Besides, organic cotton has long fibers that tend to open up as you use, which allows these thin towels to be highly absorbent. When people feel the thinness of the peshtemals, they often think that the peshtemals would not dry off but in fact, they do dry off much better than the traditional thick towels. Aren’t they outdated anyway? 

Peshtemals come in different sizes which makes them multi-functional. Bigger and thicker peshtemals, about 79” x 94’’,  can be used for a throw or a blanket while the smaller ones, 39” x 71”, for bath/spa, beach or yoga towel.

handmade towel

Home decoration, throw or blanket
The hand-loomed peshtemal on the picture is 79’’x94’’ and can be used as a throw. These peshtemals are also great for bed cover, picnic blanket or a tapestry. Organic cotton makes these super soft and decorative.

beach towel

Beach towel
Our loving client is using the peshtemal for a beach towel. While being highly absorbent, these peshtemals are super comfortable to lay on as they’re very soft. The size of the peshtemal is 39’’x71’’.

Table Cloth 
The small size, 39’’x71’’ peshtemal is being used as a table runner or a kitchen cloth. The material is extremely soft, lightweight and easy to wash. 

Did you know that peshtemals get softer and more absorbent as you wash them? The cotton has long fabrics that like water and gets softer when washing.

yoga towel

Yoga Towel
Besides being extremely light and easy to pack, these peshtemals make perfect yoga towel as they give good grip on any kind of mat, and super easy to carry in your yoga bag. Just roll and go! 

These are some of the most common usages of peshtemal but we’re sure you can get even more creative. We even heard from our client that she made a bag out of peshtemal by simply knotting each edge of it.

Do you have an idea in mind? Drop a comment below on how you would use your peshtemal and we'll feature your idea on our next blog. Happy peshying! 

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