Delegacy needs special treatment: How to best care for Peshtemals?

Delegacy needs special treatment: How to best care for Peshtemals?

Before you start using peshtemal towels for the first time, we highly recommend soaking in the cold water for 3-4 hours or overnight. Since it has made with natural, %100 organic Turkish cotton, the kinds of cotton need to be broken in so the peshtemal can reach the highest absorbency.

After this period, you can feel free to wash your peshtemals with a gentle machine wash, around 40 degrees. The peshtemals will get softer as you use and gently wash them.

When it comes to drying, we recommend using traditional drying methods since the machine drying has too much heat at once which may damage the delegate peshtemal towels. Since our peshtemals are %100 eco-friendly, we would love if our customers use hang drying methods which can also help save the environment. However, if needed, we would recommend selecting lower level heats when using the machine drying.

Our products consist of hand-loomed towels where they can, sometimes, get pulled threads. When it happens, we recommend simply cutting the thread off. This would not damage the peshtemal because of the way it’s loomed.

The peshtemal towels are easy to use and easy to take care of. With these practical tips, you will love how soft, easy to use, and eco-friendly our peshtemal towels are.

Peshtemal Collection, April 2018
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