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Turkish Exfoliating Mitt


Our Turkish bath mitt is known as a "kese", the traditional exfoliant of the legendary Turkish bath. The cleansing treatment with this thick deep-scrubbing mitt is incomparable. Skin cells, dirt, and toxins are removed from the surface of the skin, speeding up cell regeneration and keeping the skin alive and healthy. It also helps reduce Cellulite.

Recommendations: Wash it with hot water by hand and rinse well before the first use. Your mitt will shrink a little bit and this is expected. Do not use it more than twice a week and gradually increase the pressure when exfoliating. 
After each use, wash the mitt with soap by hand and hang it to dry naturally. 

Size: 10×7 inches

Hey! I am 100% Turkish Cotton from Turkey. Wash me in Cold; machine wash, gentle cycle is okay but I don't like tumble dry at all, air dry is the best. Thank you!


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