memorial day weekend packing


Yes, it's that time of the year again, where we all feel the sunshine in our veins, (blaming on the Vitamin D) and can't wait to lay down on the beach or jump into the cool ocean.

The Memorial Day weekend is one of the most fun and much needed "petite break" kinds of holidays. Yes, we call it the petite holiday but we still need to pack for our short getaways. Don't worry, while you're dreaming about the much-needed short vacay, we'll do all the hard work for you to make sure you're the number one at your beach game.

beach towel packing for memorial day weekend

Memorial Day weekend getaway packing is always fun and easy. It's a warm-up practice for the long-vacations onward and the beach must-haves you need such as beach towel, sunblock, a hat are the good old friends on that list. To make sure you have everything that you need without carrying three big suitcases, which by the way can easily become your relatives along the way, we have a small tips list for you.

"Pack lightly!" they say. But HOW?

It's summer. It's hot. It's wearing bikinis, tiny dresses, stylish shorts kind of weather. The summer certainly helps us pack as many outfits as we want since most summer dresses aren't spacious at all, but sure enough, we always pack everything more than we need and end up packing half of our wardrobe for a three days vacation. So try not to do that and come up with an "outfit of the day" plan just to pack what you think you'd be wearing each day/night. It's fun and lets you use your imagination. Trust us, you won't even believe the "fashionista" inside you. Get creative.

"Pack efficient!" they say. But HOW?

Packing efficient is always a smart move when it comes to traveling. It's simply to have everything you need in your suitcase, which are your personal travel size body care essentials, your personal beach towel, and of course the daily outfits.
At Peshtemal Collection, we can cover the beach towel part on your list while making sure you're the coolest at the most desired beach life. We must warn you that you might get to be asked "Where did you get your towel?" often, but oh well, being little fancy at the beach wouldn't hurt anyone.

handmade organic Turkish pestemal beach towel

The Peshtemal Collection towels are not only %100 organic Turkish cotton and help you save the environment while traveling, they're also super absorbent because of its organic cotton. Compact and doesn't take any space in your suitcase. Your packing for the Memorial Day weekend is beyond legit with bringing your own, stylish, boho-chic beach towel without worrying about the hygiene and the absorbance of the heavy spacious hotel towels.

To pack lightly and efficient at this Memorial Day Weekend, Peshtemal Collection should be your go-to. With its handcrafted, uniquely designed, compact yet versatile Turkish peshtemal towels, you're going to enjoy the freedom of traveling as its most.

Peshtemal Collection, May 2018 


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